Mercton Resources is a specialist in the field of mineral processing, plant hiring, contract crushing and screening services with a unique approach of meeting the production needs of our clients. We add cutting-edge and valuable solutions to mining operations throughout West Africa. We are a supply chain service provider and an expert group which specializes in all support solutions related to several industries including mining, material handling, cement, infrastructure, energy, construction, quarrying and even heavy equipment.

Established in response to an industry trend of outsourcing the operational and processing aspects of mining to increase productivity, we offer a wide range of services designed to make the mineral processing, crushing and screening requirements more effective for our clients while maintaining product quality. From a specialty in coal, manganese, bauxite, limestone, nickel, graphite, iron ore, gold, tin, lithium and platinum among others, Mercton Resources has grown to become a leading expert in the field of outsourced operation of crushing and screening services in West Africa.

A big part of our success is getting our clients’ work done through our unique services with our fleet of state-of-the-art mobile equipment. We have accrued a wealth of experience over the years from our highly dedicated team and advanced equipment technology. Our team has the flexibility to manage exceptional conditions and we are able to remain focused on the specifics of operations under our control to ensure all aspects of a particular project are achieved.

By handing over certain aspects of your processing function of crushing and screening services, Mercton Resources is able to guarantee continuous production throughout the process which results in reduction of operational downtime while production is increased. Based on this track record, we have acquired a distinguished position in the mining sector throughout West Africa so far as mining support solution services are concerned.


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We highly commit ourselves to complete all projects within the set timeline of our clients. Using the best technology and tools to ensure that all jobs are done within a particular timeframe, we give special attention to details. Above all, we ensure that our team is committed to our vision of being a leader in the industry.


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In contemporary times, project planning, design and execution have become more complex and challenging. Here at Mercton Resources, we know it takes great ambition and the right tools to move mountains. We are aware striking an ounce of gold means drilling through meters of rock and crushing tons of ore. Our team, thus, have been trained to go every imaginable length to make production as convenient as possible, even if it means literally moving mountains.
We focus on optimizing the business of our clients by making available to them not only a secure supply chain but also quality support services.

Responsible Business

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We take exceptional pride in delivering quality mineral processing, crushing and screening services. We are fully committed to the highest standards that produce great achievement. The result of fully integrated operations helps us to maintain and deliver the highest standard of quality services in all our projects. Thanks to our continuous involvement in productive supply chain and innovative services in West Africa. Our aim of delivering affordable services is our major interest because we have a perfect understanding of the nature of the mining industry.

Business Jurisdiction

West Africa has become the hub of gold and other minerals/metals exploration by many mining companies and tremendous numbers of new discoveries have been made in recent years. Operating from Ghana, we are strategically positioned to move within any part of West Africa either by sea, air or land with ease to provide our turnkey services. Over the years, we have gained an enviable reputation in the support services jurisdiction. We are currently looking beyond the West Africa horizon. Already, we have started exploring opportunities and building partnerships in mineral-endowed countries like Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Tanzania, Botswana, Madagascar and other politically-stable parts of Africa with mining potentials.

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