Health & Safety Policy

Mercton Resources Ltd. firmly believes that the health and safety of its employees are of primary importance in the successful conduct of its business activities. Our pursuit of high corporate standards begins with healthy staff. We recognize it is our legal and moral responsibility to provide a safe working environment, safe system of work and competent supervision of all employees. Our commitment is to conduct operations that will not pose a health risk to our staff.

We believe in the dignity and importance of each employee. We, therefore, ensure that every employee becomes familiar with work-related hazards and risks as well as the measures that must be taken to eliminate, minimize and control them. We have also put in place an employee safety and health committee, a self-inspection program and orientation.

Employees are, therefore, aware of the company’s preparedness to conduct random test for drug or alcohol on any employee upon suspicion or physical evidence of use, involvement in an accident or considerable drop in work performance. Refusal to undergo the requested test merits outright dismissal. Employees are made to report any prescribed drug or medication which may affect their performance.

We comply with all applicable legal, statutory and regulatory requirements of OHSAS 18001: 2007 management to continually maintain and improve the output of the management system focusing on reducing critical risk situations among employees. We ensure that no employee performs duties for which he/she has not been provided the appropriate equipment, training and protection. Zero lost time injury frequency rate is a key management objective as we seek to achieve and maintain the highest practical level of health and safety control in all areas of our operations.